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All info has come from DISTANT HORIZON.
I have ask Jade to use Distant horizon as a base

after info click on pit and link to most of the Characters

About Avatar: The Last Airbender

Show Premise:
For ages the world had been divided into four nations; Water, Earth, Fire and Air, and for ages the world had been kept in harmony because of the Avatar. Every nation has Benders, people who can control their native element according to their will, and those who are exceedingly great at it are called Masters. But the Avatar, the reincarnated spirit of the planet, has the ability to master all of the elements, making it his duty to keep the world in harmony.

However during one cycle, the Avatar vanishes and the Fire Nation seizes the opportunity for global domination.

Aang, a 12-year old Air Nomad who was training to be the next Avatar, had got caught in a terrible storm and encased himself and his flying bison in an air pocket to save themselves. However that air pocket froze over and became an iceberg, leaving them trapped. 100 years later Katara and Sokka, siblings in the Southern Water Tribe, come across that iceberg and free him.

By that time, the Fire Nation has neared total victory. But with the Avatar back, their victory is threatened and so many Firebenders are out to capture him.

Although Aang is not the most responsible kid ever, and although he has much to come to terms with considering how different the world is from when he last saw it, it is his destiny to restore peace to the world. Aang must travel the globe to master Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, and Airbending in order to succeed, while Katara and Sokka tag along every step of the way. And every detour that he takes, especially if there's a wild animal to ride. Just because he alone can save the world from the tyrant Fire Lord doesn't mean he can't have fun too, right? ...Right?

Other notable facts:

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" marks Nickelodeon's first try at Asian-influenced animation. "Avatar" mixes comedy, fantasy and adventure as 12-year-old Aang fights the power-hungry Fire Nation to save his war-ravaged world.

; Creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko found inspiration in a host of influences, including Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese art, Japanese animation and Asian live-action films. Konietzko went the extra step, studying with a Northern Shaolin Kung Fu teacher to learn martial arts moves.

; "A massive amount of work went into getting the animations just right. Tin House in Seoul is the best. For those not in the know Tin House did Wonderful Days/ Sky Blue in the US. They made our visions a reality in their powerful and unique methods of combining 2D, 3D, model miniatures and particle arrays. This has never been used in an animated series before. The speed, timing and geometry of the characters had to be just right and they worked very closely with traditionally trained martial artists. The animation and story board staff even went as far as participated in Northern Shaolim training and conditioning classes (bless their aching legs!) in an attempt to understand the essence of what they were drawing. The magical powers of all four tribes are firmly rooted in the Chi Gung traditions of Chinese martial arts as well as the geometries of movement stillness and transitions.
The Air Benders for instance based their skills on the movements of Bagua, the Fire benders on Northern Shaolim, The Earth Kingdom on Hung Gar and the Water tribe on Ku style Tai Chi. ( a style of Tai Chi passed on in the Ku Yu Cheong Lineage.)"

; The series premiered Feb. 21 and is aimed at Nick's core audience, ages 6-11, but the creators hope adults like it, too. The story is deep and sophisticated, but it works on a lot of levels, Konietzko says.

; The series is produced at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, California.

; Production time takes 9-10 months just to complete one episode. Because of this, they often worked on many episodes at the same time.

All Info from Distant Horizon

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